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Similar to other BASUKI companies, we are specializing in engineering and manufacturing specific industrial equipment and structures.Many types of steel towers have been produced and installed, either angle or tubular towers, masts for telecommunication and broadcasting industries.

Most of our customers are foreign companies who operates in this region, they bring their technology to cooperate with us for their projects in petroleum and gas mining, water utility, as well as telecommunication and broadcasting industries and others.

Accuracy, quality and good fabrication procedure PT BINA WIDYA AKSARA have been trusted by our customers, including government nuclear institution, BATAN, to built their SPENT FUEL STORAGE FACILITY complete with is related equipment. A proof that we are able to produce equipment for area that require the highest standards of safety.
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Head Office & Factory : Jl. Raya Setu Km. 01 - Cibuntu, Cibitung, Bekasi, Jawa Barat - INDONESIA 17510.
Phone: 8832 7775. Fax: 8832 5059